12/2015: The Knowledge Future – Intelligent policy choices for Europe 2050. A report to the European Commission

What will Europe’s knowledge system look like in 2050? A group of experts – including myself – explore future scenarios for Europe’s research, innovation and higher education policies and institutions and outline some key elements for future policies

This report elaborates on challenges and opportunities that three „Megatrends“ – globalization, demographic change and technological change – represent for Europe’s research, innovation and higher education system, and suggests a number of ideas that could find a place in EU policy for Research and Innovation.

Report by an expert group on Foresight on Key Long-term Transformations of European systems: Research, Innovation and Higher Education (KT2050)

Chair: Richard Hudson;
Participants:  Kristian Borch; Stephanie Daimer; David Charles De Roure; Kurt Deketelaere; Apostolos Dimitropoulos (Rapporteur); Ulrike Felt; Aldo Geuna; Jerome Glenn; Krzysztof Gulda; Jana Kolar; Jordi Molas Gallart; Rajneesh Narula; Gill Ringland; Petra Schaper Rinkel; John Smith; Anna Tschaut; Marijk van der Wende


The Knowledge Future 2050