Summary Report: The future of Open Collaborative Research

Bernd Beckert/Michael Friedewald (Fraunhofer ISI) Petra Schaper-Rinkel /Matthias Weber (Austrian Institute of Technology AIT), Marc van Lieshout / Annelieke van der Giessen / Miriam Leis (TNO)

Report published „Share your dream. Share your dream. Towards a New Model for Open Collaborative Research in Europe

How to fund research that challenge current thinking? The purpose of the project „Boosting the exploratory power of open research in future and emerging technologies“ was to study current practices in thematically open bottom-up approaches to funding cross-disciplinary frontier research (such as the Open scheme of the Future and Emerging Technologies challenge within the ICT workprogamme), to provide scenarios for the possible future developments of such schemes, and to formulate recommendations and options to address the opportunities ahead for boosting the exploratory power of bottom-up collaborative frontier research.