Different futures of making things – Scenarios from recent innovation theories (Beitrag auf der Konferenz: “Die Zukunft der technischen Welt”, Bochum, 29.10.2010)

Petra Schaper-Rinkel, Different futures of making things – Scenarios from recent innovation theories. Beitrag auf der Konferenz „Die Zukunft der technischen Welt“, Bochum 28.10-30.10.2010
 Current innovation theories are highlighting the involvement of users: The open innovation model is based on the assumption that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas; the concept of innovation communities question how innovations are developed out of communities (especially such as the open source communities), and the user innovation model focus on small groups of customers, called lead users, who provide ideas for the development of new products or even develop new or modify existing products. The focus of these approaches is mainly on virtual involvement or the production of software.  However there are social and technological drivers that not only virtual goods and services but also material things will be designed and manufactured in a user-driven mode. What are future scenarios of an emerging do-it-yourself culture of makers that will not only hack and customize the products they buy but also use flexible manufacturing technologies, rapid prototyping technologies and the internet of things?