Invited lecture: Emerging technologies in the Bioeconomy

EinsiedelnVortrag auf der  Science and Policy Sommer Schule 2013 zum Thema „Governing the Transition to a Bio-based Economy“, die vom 20. bis 23. August 2013  in Einsiedeln stattfindet. Die Sommer Schule mit interdisziplinärem Konzept wird vom Institut für Politikwissenschaft (IPZ) zusammen mit dem Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center und dem Bioeconomy Science Center Jülich (D) organisiert.

Titel des Vortrags:

Emerging technologies in the Bioeconomy

Abstract: Like many strategic foresight projects, the anticipation of a future Bioeconomy must be understood as an effort not only to anticipate the future but simultaneously to shape, control, and govern the future. This keynote offers a comparative analysis of expected innovation dynamics in different Bioeconomy strategies, developed by the OECD, the European Commission and the German government. Against the background of approaches such as responsible (research) and innovation, anticipatory governance and reflexive forms of technology assessment, the existing strategies will be analysed.