„Foresight and Technology Assessment for the Austrian Parliament”

The AIT and the Austrian Academy of Sciences will advise Parliament on the future(s) of technologies and societal change


„Tomorrow Today“ on our Project/Study for the Austrian Parliament

The Austrian Parliament will intensify the dialogue with scientific experts. Together with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, deputies will develop the basis for a closer future cooperation.

The new project focuses on foresight and the assessment of developments in science and technology as well as their social, economic and political effects. A first study will evaluate international experience and identify potential topics of future research.

Grand societal challenges such as climate change, demographic change and resource scarcity require long-term policies as well as cooperation of different policy areas in research, technology and innovation policy (RTI policy). In a number of countries in Europe and beyond, parliaments take an increasing role in dealing with these challenges. Scientific expertise is often provided by experts from the areas of foresight and technology assessment (F&TA).

European countries started to integrate foresight knowledge into the parliamentary work, e.g. in Finland and Germany. The European Parliament started to integrate Foresight for the European Parliament (in the STOA).

Petra Schaper-Rinkel (scientific project leader –  PI – at AIT):

The aim of Foresight is to anticipate options with regard to important issues in science, technology and innovation. Through its participatory and interdisciplinary approach Foresight can support Members of Parliament to identify options for the future and support anticipatory governance. The study conducted by the AIT- Austrian Institute of Technology in cooperation with the ITA – Institute of Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Science – will explore ways to support the Austrian Parliament through scientific expertise in foresight and technology assessment.

Article: Tomorrow Today

Forsight and TA for the Austrian Parliament
Forsight and TA for the Austrian Parliament